Is It "Selfish" To Want To Have 7 Girls In A Day?

Question: Could You Handle 7 Girls A Day?

So get this:

This flabby, nerdy adult v*rgin figured out an unusual way to get any girl into bed.

And his method works so well… that he used it to get 7 girlfriends!

Imagine dating 7 girls at one time!

Could you handle it? 

Well, if they’re all smoking hot like his girls were (he shows a lingerie pic of one of them in this video)… I think you’d certainly want to try!

That flabby dork’s name is Mike Haines…

And since learning this unusual “female psychology” secret, he’s become the world’s 
foremost expert on getting a harem.

What’s a “harem”?

It’s basically where you’re dating anywhere between 3 to 10 girls at one time.

You can call them “non-exclusive girlfriends”…

“Friends with benefits”…

Or simply “F*** buddies”…

Why FWB relationships are huge in 2023

You know what a ‘friend with benefits’ is, right?

That’s where you’re hooking up with a girl, but you’re not dating.

The two of you are just friends…

Friends who f**k 😉

And there are a few signs that these ‘f-buddy’ type arrangements are about to become more popular than ever…
See, most hot girls today don’t want a boyfriend.

They may say they do.
They may even think they do.
But due to social media and dating apps, most women aged 18-24 simply don’t want to commit to one guy just yet.

They have a lot of options, and they want to explore them.

They want to stay single and play the field for a while.

But in the meantime, they don’t want to be celibate.

They still want to get a good drilling every couple weeks and enjoy a guy’s masculine energy.

And that’s where you come in, amigo. 

You’re the guy she’s looking for.

Because if you’re reading this, you probably want pretty much the same thing she does.

You want a hot chick (or 3) to hook up with regularly… while still staying single and meeting other girls.

In other words, you want an FWB… and so does she.

But here’s the kicker.

You must never SAY that.

F-buddy relationships are… in 99% of cases… an unspoken thing.

You remember in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta was talking about giving girls foot massages?
“There’s a sensuous thing going on where you don’t talk about it but you know it and she knows it.”
It’s the same deal with F-buddy relationships.

You know what it is. 

But you don’t necessarily need to talk about it and put labels on it.
She knows what it is.
It’s an unspoken understanding.

Of course this begs the question… how do you set up this type of relationship in the the first place?
What do you say to a girl to “suss out” if she wants a FWB?
And if she does, how do you let her know that you’re the man for the hole, I mean… role ;-)
It’s all explained right HERE:

10 Best Places To Find A FWB

H*rny women are everywhere.
In fact, according to a  recent study the average woman thinks about s*x 18.6 times a day!
And this means that potential f**k-buddies are all around you.

On the street.

At the grocery store.

In bars and clubs and hotel lounges.

You can meet f-buddies at the gym… the airport… the dog walking park… the rock climbing gym…

The possibilities are endless

Bottom line:

Hot girls in 2023 are more open to casual 🍆 than ever before.

Due to profound technological changes, most of them are NOT looking for a monogamous relationship anymore.

They don’t want a boyfriend… or a husband… or a guy who’s gonna be all up in their business texting them “good morning 🥰” every day.

That type of behavior makes them puke, and to be quite honest I don’t blame them.
Instead, what most girls now want is just a chill guy they can hang out with and bang on weekends, without any drama, and without him getting all needy and controlling.

And if that’s you…

If you also want to hook up with multiple women without settling down with any of them…

Then getting yourself a “harem” of 3-4 hot young FWBs has never been easier.
Learn the secret HERE:

How To Convince Any Girl To Be Your Bang Buddy

In the following 20 minute video presentation below you will learn the 

15-Step "Goldfish" Sequence 

I will teach you the step-by-step guide on how to make just about any girl want to be your FWB
The video is by my friend Mike Haines, and if you’re looking for a serious relationship then you absolutely should NOT watch it.
This video is only for you if you want:
  • a F*ck buddy
  • a friend with benefits (FWB)
  • a “harem” of fun, young, hot girls who come over to your place for s*x any time you want, with no strings attached